KennyMania Archive

Kenny Gioia’s Reaper videos from Kenny is also the creator of several Reaper training series available on Groove3, including the fantastic Reaper 4 Explained which I can personally vouch for.

Programming a Track – Free Style (Not Quantized) in REAPER

Creating FX Slots for Plugins in REAPER

Compress the MIDI Velocities of a Performance in REAPER

Item Channel Mode & Channel Mapping in REAPER

Vital Synth in REAPER

U-HE Synths (Zebralette & Podolski) in REAPER

Steven Slate Drums 5.5 FREE in REAPER

MT Power Drum Kit 2 in REAPER

Piano One (Neo Piano) Virtual Instrument Plugin in REAPER

Native Instruments – Komplete Start – Komplete Kontrol in REAPER

Spitfire Labs in REAPER

Sitala in REAPER

Tempo Mapping a Full Song in REAPER

Finding & Replacing Lost Files in REAPER

This is REAPER 6 – Editing (6/15)

Razor Editing in REAPER

Default FX on New Tracks in REAPER

Replacing Updated Media or Mixes in REAPER

Import Settings from Tracks for Mixing in REAPER

Matching an Audio Performance to a Tempo/Click in REAPER