KennyMania Archive

Kenny Gioia’s Reaper videos from Kenny is also the creator of several Reaper training series available on Groove3, including the fantastic Reaper 4 Explained which I can personally vouch for.

Ripple Editing – Remove Equal (Correct) Space in REAPER

Ripple Recording in REAPER

Plugins & FX Order – EQ & Compression in REAPER

Re-Adjusting MIDI Item Looping in REAPER

Media Item Volume Control in REAPER (V6.14 & newer)

Finding the Song Tempo in REAPER

How to Separate Video & Audio (for editing) in REAPER

Rendering – The Render Queue in REAPER

Rendering – Presets in REAPER

Rendering – Selected Media Items in REAPER

Rendering – Adjusting the Render Bounds in REAPER

Rendering – Creating Stems in REAPER

Rendering – Creating a Master Mix in REAPER

Lo Fi Reverbs & Delays in REAPER

Chopping Up Sustained Notes in REAPER

Perfect 1/8 Note Guitar Parts in REAPER

Preference Toolbars in REAPER

Media Item Buttons in REAPER

Media Item Defaults – Looping in REAPER

Media Item Defaults – Fade in/Fade out in REAPER