KennyMania Archive

Kenny Gioia’s Reaper videos from Kenny is also the creator of several Reaper training series available on Groove3, including the fantastic Reaper 4 Explained which I can personally vouch for.

Mouse Preferences in REAPER

Mouse Preferences in REAPER Web Upload

A-B or Comparing Settings in REAPER

Using Compression in REAPER (ReaComp)

Using EQ in REAPER (ReaEQ)

Default FX on New Tracks in REAPER

Default FX Presets in REAPER

Quickly Adding FX in REAPER – Smart Folders

Drum Machine Style Recording in REAPER

Matching a Midi Performance to a Click

Arrange View – Mouse Modifiers

Midi Ruler – Mouse Modifiers

Midi Notes II – Mouse Modifiers

Midi Piano Roll – Mouse Modifiers

Envelope Segment – Mouse Modifiers

Envelope Point – Mouse Modifiers

Midi Notes – Mouse Modifiers

Ruler – Mouse Modifiers

Track – Mouse Modifiers

Mouse Modifiers – Media Item – Bottom Half , Edge, Fade & Stretch Markers