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Customizing the MIDI Editor

Jon shows his customization to the MIDI Editor Toolbar for much improved MIDI editing workflow Related posts:MIDI

What’s New in REAPER V5.01 update

Video tour of selected new features in Version 5.01 and the full changelog. Related posts: REAPER 4.32 Update

REAPER Blog Q&A # 6

The sixth edition of the REAPER Blog Q & A series Related posts:REAPER Blog Q & A

Managing Custom Menus and Toolbars

This video shows how to export (backup) all your custom menus and toolbars and the trick

Mastering Revision Workflow Tips

Time saving tips for improving audio mastering revision workflow and automatically naming regions in REAPER. Related posts: Post

Customizing the new V5 default theme

How to customize the REAPER 5 default theme Related posts:Cool theme ‘Default Analog’ by Lerian REAPER Theme

SWS / S&M Extensions updated to v 2.8

The SWS / S&M extensions for REAPER have just been updated to v2.8. SWS expands the

Tour of new features in REAPER 5

REAPER 5 is officially out. Here's a quick tour of the new features introduced in REAPER

REAPER 5.0 released

REAPER 5.0 is officially out today with a massive list of changes to Video, FX, Media

Sonic Scoop’s Interview with REAPER’s Justin Frankel

David Weiss interviews Justin Frankel for Sonic Scoop dot com Related posts:A peek at Justin’s REAPER Mastering

Toolbars and docks in REAPER

Jon explains the trick to arranging windows and toolbars with the docks in REAPER. Related posts: Video: Customising

X-Raym’s ReaScript Video Course

Learn how to write Lua scripts for REAPER 5. Related posts: REAPER 5 Video Editing Template ReaScript Basics

Show/Hide tracks in the mixer with custom actions

This tutorial shows how to set up some custom toolbar buttons in the mixer to show

The SWS ReaConsole Basic Overview Tutorial

In this video Jon explains the basics of using the SWS ReaConsole feature. Related posts:REAPER Advanced –

REAPER Blog Q & A 5

The fifth installment of the REAPER Blog Q&A series. Related posts:REAPER Blog Q & A 3 REAPER

Eyssina is a new Cubase inspired theme for REAPER

Eyssina is a new Cubase inspired theme for REAPER Related posts: Try out the Beatwing theme inspired by

Quick Tip – Setting fader levels with a MIDI controller Mod wheel

Using a MIDI controller mod wheel to quickly set mix level balances. Related posts: Quick Tip: Remove Silence

AB Level Matching JSFX

Free JS plugins for perfect level matched AB comparisons. Related posts:Punk Duck Audio Defender JSFX Video: How

Quick Tip: Smart fx folders in REAPER 5

In this video you'll see a new feature in the FX Browser that makes organization incredibly

REAPER Portable Install option

Kenny explains why you might want to do a portable install and how to set it